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In the heart of  Sussex and Surrey

Our Mission

"To fulfil our Clients' specific requirements by maintaining a professional friendly service whilst giving our clients and employees 'Peace of Mind’”.

Management Team

Managing Director

Ronnie Fryers

Ronnie’s career in the security industry began over 25 years ago. Ronnie's experience has centred in the close protection and RST (Residential Security Teams) sector’s having looked after a number of high profile individuals including celebrities. Ronnie has also managed teams of close protection officers delivering support to visiting diplomats.

More recently, Ronnie managed team’s of guards providing static guarding services to high profile sites, including Wapping, for a major PLC. Ronnie is a highly committed MD who has made a success of ensuring that he delivers the service he promises his clients.

Operations Manager

Matt Rose

Matt’s career began in the Royal Navy which he served over 25 years in various security roles, including Ships Security Manager and Establishment Security Officer. Matt specialised as a weapons Instructor and also in areas such as anti piracy, Anti terrorist security roles around the world.

After leaving the Royal Navy Matt was employed as Security Manager for the Olympic and Para Olympic games. In recent years Matt was employed as a Manager for a well-known food retailer gaining valuable experience in customer service. Due to his previous experiences Matt has vast security experience that other Security Managers will not possess. He is very keen to provide excellent security measures on an individual basis to meet clients needs.

Operations Assistant

Dumitrache Alexandru

Office Manager

Janine Harris

Janine has a very good background knowledge and experience in Management and Customer Service which she gained from her role in the Car Rental Industry at Gatwick Airport. Janine carried out various duties and tasks in her employment at Gatwick Airport including experience in administration and Planning.

Janine joined the Smartguard team in 2017, and has gained a wealth of experience in administration in the security indsutry with SmartGuard Security since leaving Gatwick Airport.

Corporate Policies

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

We will manage our business in a way which enhances the positive and minimises the negative economic, social and environmental impacts of our activities.

This means that we have to balance the interests of the various stakeholders involved including employees, customers, suppliers, investors and the local communities in which we operate.

We will work in a way which develops and maintains the trust of our stakeholders and their belief that we offer a valuable contribution so that our position in society is secured and sustainable.

We will work with our customers in a way which enables them to feel secure and hence develop their own position in society.

Environmental Policy Statement

Continually improve our environmental performance with respect to minimising any adverse effects on the atmosphere, water and land including pollution prevention.

Our Aim is to:

Continually improve our environmental performance with respect to minimising any adverse effects on the atmosphere, water and land including pollution prevention.

Conserve resources by reducing waste and minimising consumption of raw material and energy such as using low carbon emission vehicles. When waste is unavoidable, we are committed to re-cycling and safe disposal to minimise undesirable environmental effects. This includes recycling folders and office waste within the office and shredding confidential material before sending to a recycling centre.

Promote environmentally friendly products to our customers and to act in an environmentally friendly way such as closing windows and turning off lights where not in use.

Relationship Management

We are accurate and dependable and we keep our promises.

Service Reliability:
We are accurate and dependable and we keep our promises.

We provide quick and willing service and respond positively to clients needs, taking time with them and making it clear that we value their business.

We display courtesy, honesty, professionalism and knowledge, reassuring the client that their security needs are in safe hands.

We keep all our work areas clean and tidy, as well as our appearance. All publications are clear and easy to understand.

We offer a caring service tailored to suit each client's needs. Summed up as "putting yourself into your client's shoes”.

Diversity and EqualityPolicy

At SmartGuard Security we are committed to providing an inclusive working environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

We have a diverse customer base, one that expects to be served by people with whom they can identify, and our aim is to ensure that this expectation is met and maintained. This means that we encourage all our employees to welcome diversity and respect each person’s individuality.

We are advocates of sustainability. Where ever possible we will always source labour locally to our client and procure our supplies in the same way.


SmartGuard Security will need access to certain information relating to the Company and sites where it operates.

SmartGuard Security will hold this Information in confidence and not to disclose or permit it to be made available to any person, firm or company. Ensure that each person to whom disclosure of Confidential Information is made is fully aware in advance of there obligations. Keep confidential and not reveal to any person, firm or company the Confidential Information. We subscribe to the Data Protection Act.

SIA (ACS) approved contractors

We are SIA (ACS) approved contractors for the purpose of Keyholding and Security Guarding

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